If you need more reasons.

The top 10 reasons to choose Fox:
  1. My students rave about me: Here’s what they’re saying on Yelp.
  2. Save money: As a solo practitioner, I am able to offer substantially lower rates. I don’t teach in unnecessarily fancy venues, I don’t burn money on advertising, and I don’t do glossy, pricey printing. Your rates will always be at least 10% less than a comparable course from a big name company. Compare with Kaplan LSAT and Princeton Review.
  3. Save time: I’ve been doing this since 2006, and in that time I’ve learned to focus on the practical areas that are going to result in immediate improvement in your scores. My lessons are concise and to the point, with no fluff. My primary focus will be to teach you HOW to prepare, rather than waste your money as an overpaid babysitter.
  4. I scored in the high 99th percentile: I scored a 179 on the February 2007 LSAT. Ask the other prep companies to beat those scores.
  5. I can actually teach: The big prep companies use hourly teachers, most of whom are picking up a bit of cash on the side during law school. I did go to law school, but my passion is teaching. I love what I do, and the results show it.
  6. A real relationship with your instructor: My students can count on a teacher who genuinely cares about not only their test results, but also their educational and professional careers. You’ll never feel anonymous in my classes, and I’ll see you through to test day and far beyond. I hope to remain friends, colleagues, and collaborators with all of my students. Compare with other LSAT classes in San Francisco.
  7. I wrote the book (literally… five of them!): I’m the author of Cheating the LSAT and four other LSAT books with stellar reviews. Check me out on Amazon.
  8. I use only recent, real LSAT questions: My course is constantly updated to include the most recent tests as soon as they are released by LSAC. Why waste your time studying old — or even worse, made up — LSAT questions?
  9. Flexible payment plans: I want my courses to be available to students and working people. That’s why I let students pay for their LSAT preparation on a schedule that’s convenient for them. Whatever your situation, call me and I’m sure we can work something out.
  10. Support a local business: With Fox LSAT, your dollars stay in San Francisco.

Don’t miss the opportunity to achieve your highest score. Call 415-518-0630 or email to find out how I can help.

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