Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions, I've got answers.

How do I set up a payment plan?

Payment arrangements for the live or online courses are extremely flexible; just pay your $450 nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot in any course. You can pay the balance on whatever schedule you choose; you’ll just decide on a list of dates and amounts that you plan to pay. Once you’ve paid your deposit, you’re all set. You can discuss the details of the remaining payments with me on the first night of class.

Which course length should I take?

There’s no need to decide this in advance. My classes are designed to be modular; you can start with any 6-week class ($995) and continue on when the time comes.

What date should I start class or tutoring?

As soon as you have time in your schedule. The LSAT takes different students a different amount of time to master. And it’s not the sort of thing students tend to forget once they’ve mastered it. It’s like riding a bike; once you know what you’re doing, you’ll know it forever. So don’t wait until the last minute before your official LSAT date. Sign up for the first class or tutoring session that fits with your schedule. That way you’ll have plenty of time to prepare.

When should I sign up for the official LSAT?

It depends. Ideally, you won’t sign up for the official test until you’ve done several official practice tests and are happy with your scores on those tests. (My classes and tutoring are built around official practice tests, so if you study with me you’ll always know exactly where you stand.) But some students won’t get fully motivated to put in the necessary hours of study until they’ve actually registered for an official test date. Human nature, I guess. If this is you, then you should probably sign up immediately for a test that’s 3-6 months out, and start studying right away.

How is your class structured?

Both my in-person class and my online class are built around a ton of actual, official LSAT tests. These official tests are the real tests that the LSAC has administered in previous years. In my professional opinion, it’s a waste of time to do anything besides thoughtfully reviewing these tests. So, in my class, the homework is always an official LSAT practice test. And every night in class, we review one of those tests – I work my way through all four Logic Games and answer as many of the verbal questions as we have time and energy for. It’s simple, but it’s incredibly effective.

How is your tutoring structured?

My tutoring, like my classes, are built around actual practice LSATs. Students do tests on their own, keeping track of which questions and Games gave them particular trouble. When they’ve built up a substantial list of questions they’d like explained, it’s time for us to meet. It’s the most efficient way to prepare for the test; 100% of our tutoring time is spent discussing questions that YOU need help with. Since the LSAT tends to repeat itself significantly, each one of your questions has a good chance of leading to an a ha! moment that will directly lead to more correct answers in the future.

Should I choose your live class, your online class, your private tutoring, or some combination?

It depends. My live classes are a bargain, and you’ll benefit from the camaraderie of other students. Many students tell me that one of the biggest benefits of my class is simply the motivation that comes from knowing the rest of the class will be there each night, homework complete, ready to work. My classes are built around student questions – I expect you to arrive ready to tell me what you’re struggling with-so as long as the class schedule works for you, and you’re comfortable asking questions in a group environment, I can’t see how you can go wrong.

My online class is great for students far from San Francisco, or who can’t make it to my Tuesday-Thursday night classes. It’s also perfect for students who would like to go at their own pace; with the online class, you can go as fast, or as slow, as you’d like. Want to do a super-intense six tests per week? You can. Want to do just one test per week, and re-watch each explanation over and over to be sure you’ve mastered each question? You can do that too. Since the 50-hour online class covers the same material as my 12-week online class, it’s also the absolute best bang for your buck.

On the other hand, my private tutoring is the very best LSAT prep money can buy. We’ll spend 100% of our time working on questions that YOU are struggling with. I expect that you’ll leave each session with at least one revelation that will lead to dramatically increased confidence. Private tutoring is ideal for those with particularly hectic school/work schedules, and it’s also perfect for very high scorers. There’s nothing I love more than helping a private tutoring student break into the 99th percentile.

Students can also do a combination of live, online, and private tutoring. My live classes and online classes cover different practice tests, so they’re a natural fit. And sometimes live or online students need extra help in a particular area; I’m always available via phone or email (and before and after class), but when you need additional one-on-one time, adding on some private tutoring might be the most efficient option.

What's the difference between your course and other courses on the market?

The biggest difference between me and everyone else is ME. There are solid LSAT teachers working for hourly wages at most of the big prep companies; sadly, there are also weak LSAT teachers working at most of these companies. If you’re going with one of the behemoths, your experience will be a bit of a crapshoot; I worked for one of the big companies in 2007-2008, and I think I was pretty good. But I was also a complete novice as a teacher back then, and I had been hired over the telephone without ever meeting another employee face-to-face– I could have sucked for all they knew.

What materials are included in the live class?

Students receive seven official LSATs for every six weeks of class, as well as copies of my Introducing the LSAT and Ann Levine’s The Law School Admission Game.

What materials are included for private tutoring students?

Private tutoring students receive customized sets of materials depending on their specific needs, which will be assessed at each meeting.

Can I pay by check?

Yes! Pay online via echeck, or call Nathan at 415-518-0630 to arrange payment by physical check.

Is there a discount for the online course if I attended your classroom course?

Yes! The online course is just $695 ($300 off) for any current or former student in a live course.

Does Fox LSAT sign me up for the LSAT? Is the LSAT fee included in my registration?

No. Separate registration for the LSAT is available through

How much does the online course cost?

The online course is only $995, which includes all materials, shipping, and one-year access.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is free worldwide, via USPS Priority Mail.

What exactly is being shipped?

Students will receive three books: The Law School Admission Game by Ann Levine, and Introducing the LSAT and The Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia by Nathan Fox.

When will I receive my materials?

Continental US students will receive their materials in 2-3 business days. Shipping times to the rest of the world vary.

How long will I have access to the course?

All new students will have access to the online course for one year.

Is there a way to preview the online course?

Yes! Just register for a free account and get instant access to 15 hours of free video.

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