To 170 and beyond


Thinking LSAT Podcast listeners might recall Episode 122, "Stop Statsturbating," wherein we discussed the case of Luke, who had dropped over a grand on a Kaplan course with zero improvements. As it turns out, Luke signed up on December 12, 2017 for my online class and so far it's working out awfully well:

Hi Nathan, I'm sure you're getting tons of these emails, but I got my my Feb 2018 score back. 

Diagnostic: 163
Post-Kaplan: 163
Feb 2018, post-3 months of FOXLSAT: 170

My last 4 practice tests have all been ~168 and (-7)+ in games, so I know that with more practice I can break 175. That's the goal for June. Thanks so much for all the help you've provided, both on the podcast and in your class.


Seven points of improvement in two months—that's not a surprising amount of improvement, but it's life-changing nonetheless. And Luke thinks (correctly) that he has even more upside. I'm glad he's retaking because the typical student can improve by 10 points or move from their cold diagnostic. I think 173+, and that sweet 99th percentile, are well within reach for Luke.

As Luke continues to unlearn the terrible Kaplan strategies like "read the question stem first," I'm sure his score will continue to improve. He's far from my first Kaplan refugee. Over 11 years of LSAT teaching, I have particularly enjoyed rescuing those who, like Luke, had a strong natural understanding of the test in the first place (163 is an awesome starting score!) and found their wheels spinning when trying to apply Kaplan's overcomplicated approach.

In the coming years, I hope to work with more and more of the highest LSAT scorers. As a 179 scorer myself, moving folks from 160-something to 170-something (or from 170 to 175+) is definitely my wheelhouse. If you're in the same boat as Luke, please reach out! Schedule a free 30-minute consultation and try my free online LSAT course and we'll get you on the right track right away.