Million dollar LSAT prep

Some things just need to speak for themselves:

Hey Nathan!

I wanted to write you a quick update on how my admissions cycle ended up and get your feedback on my current options.

I applied to 19 schools (b/c they were free, so why not...) and received a total of $1,070,628.00 in scholarship offers from 10 schools. I'm pretty sure I got those offers based on my 174 LSAT score so thanks "a million" for the help and guidance - I really doubt I could have been as successful with you!

Thank you again for all of your help, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be in this conundrum if it hadn't been for your valuable assistance on my LSAT prep!



The "conundrum" she's referring to is her choice between a great school with a full ride and an even better school with a generous, but not quite full, scholarship. It's a very good problem to have.

HC was a terrific candidate when I met her. She did my online course and two private tutoring sessions. She also listened to the Thinking LSAT Podcast and used Ben's resources over at Strategy Prep. Then she crushed the LSAT, and accumulated one million dollars in law school scholarship offers.

Of course, she can only accept one of the offers. I've reviewed her options with her and so far, I have counseled her to take the full ride. The firms she wants to work for do hire from that school, and HC's full tuition scholarship will be worth more than $55,000 per year, for three years. Conservatively, she's getting $165,000 in free law school education. (And I bet she can negotiate even more, before she finally signs on the dotted line.)

Make the investment of time, effort, and resources! The stakes are extremely high. Every law school applicant needs the very best LSAT score they can get. I'm here to help.