An LSAT book worth its weight in gold?

Some blog posts write themselves:

Hey Nathan,

I'm a listener of your podcast and just wanted to say thank you! I was scoring in the low-160s for the longest time, and improvement just wasn't coming. I used every other book on the market and even a couple other courses (7Sage/Powerscore), however, it wasn't until I got your LR Encyclopedia and LG Playbook that I was able to score in the 170s. After completing both books, my PT average is a 173+ over my last 5 tests. 

One thing that people need to listen to you about is your philosophy on time. You should not rush under any circumstances. I believe this mindset is responsible for my consistency and 170s scores. When I was scoring in the 160s, I was always rushing, skipping, and never focused on accuracy first. Last month I started only worrying about getting all the questions I attempt correct. It sucked at first because I was only finishing 20-21 questions, but I was getting them all right. Little by little, I was able to push that up to 22-23 correct, and now 24-25. And my LR average jumped from -4 to -2 per section. 

If there is one piece of advice I would tell people it is that all of these courses over-complicate everything and substitute propositional knowledge instead of good old-fashioned know-how. This test really isn't hard when you do things your way. You need to start doing timed sections and review. There's no need to over-engineer your prep with study schedules or 500-page textbooks that treat all the questions differently. In reality, they're all some derivative of flaw questions, because you should always be looking for what's wrong with it like you teach in your Encyclopedia. 

Anyway, sorry for rambling. I just really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do. Being able to score in the 170s was something I never even dreamed about. Last month my goal was to get a 165 and go to Fordham Law. Now it's a 173 and Harvard. You made that possible. 

Your books are literally worth their weight in gold. 


I greatly appreciate the compliment, Cam! And congratulations on your amazing progress, but my Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia is a bigass heavy book. Hmm...

Spot price of gold per ounce, 4/20/2018: $1,355
Weight of Fox LSAT Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia, according to Amazon: 3.7 pounds (59 oz)
$1335 * 59 = $78,765

Readers can reach their own conclusions, but the three years of tuition at Fordham Law costs $58,196 x 3 = $174,588, and if Cam gets into Harvard, it will probably take a full ride for Fordham to lure him away.

Hmm. Twice its weight in gold? Even if not, it makes the $79.95 list price look pretty enticing. Give it a shot?