Alert! Student accidentally unregistered for June 2013 LSAT via LSAC mistake

Just got a frightening alert from one of my LSAT students. Please spread the word if you know anybody taking the June 2013 LSAT! Hi Nathan, You may want to tell your students to check their LSAC accounts frequently. I just logged on to mine, and found out I had been unregistered for the LSAT. Luckily it was an LSAC mistake and I was able to re-register. I wouldn't want that to happen to someone else and have them not realize until it's too late!

Wow. Thank God this student was on top of things.

After all the hard work candidates put in prepping for the LSAT--which is only offered four times per year--it would be devastating to show up on the day of the test only to be told you're not registered for the exam. If you think you're registered for the test, make sure you log on to your account record! You'll want to do this anyway, to print your admission ticket and to review the updated list of rules and regulations. (No mechanical pencils, no cellphones or other digital equipment, must have a passport photo, must put everything you bring into a ziplock bag... etcetera, etcetera.) Double-checking that you're actually going to be admitted to the test shouldn't be necessary, but it looks like it's probably a good idea.

Thanks to Emily K. for sharing this heads-up! If anybody has any other news or tips to share, please drop them into the comments or email