Busted for electronic wristwatch -- What do I do?

A silly mistake, with no permanent tragic consequences, but in the moment this must have felt horrifying:

Hi Nathan,

Just took the LSAT yesterday. I did something really stupid. I had my wristwatch on. I have worn it everyday for the past 4 years and that day, I simply forgot to take it off. A supervisor saw it during the break and wrote me up. He gave me a written notice called Violation of Law School Admission Test Center Regulations. It states... "digital wristwatch on during break, noticed by supervisor." Action taken: "Not Dismissed."

I had to hide the watch outside and I was told to still finish the test.  The thing is, I felt really good about the first part of the test and I got distracted after the break because of what happened and I may not have done as well as I could have.

I read the rules on the LSAC website on violations and misconduct. I'm worried this may affect my law school application, since based on my understanding, this notice of violation will be sent to any law school I apply to.

I know it was an honest mistake on my part but it really isn't an excuse. I feel so stupid for that. 

Should I:
1. Cancel my test score now? I'm not sure if LSAC would cancel it based on my violation plus I may do better in December bec of the distraction that happened yesterday that may have affected my score. If I cancel it on my own, I believe the violation would still be there on the record.
2. Let it be and just write an explanation to the schools I apply to? and Take the LSAT again in December to get a better score.

Sorry to bother you. I don't know what to do. You are the only expert I know.

Thank you very much.


Take a deep breath, this will turn out fine. It was an honest mistake. You should write a supplementary essay explaining the incident. It's an opportunity to show that you can be gracious and professional in acknowledging an honest mistake, which actually helps your case for admission.  I'll be happy to read the essay when you're done writing it, if you'd like... keep it short, half a page max.

Regarding the LSAT, I don't think you should cancel.  Sounds like your record will reflect the watch incident either way.  So wait and see how you did... maybe you scored better than you think.

But yes, it's a good bet that you didn't do your best on the fourth and fifth sections of the test, so you should plan on another crack at the test in December.   That's only 8 weeks away... do you have a plan for studying?  Gotta stay sharp.

Thanks for your question.  Please let me know if I can help with anything.  (fox.edit@gmail.com)