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To 170 and beyond

To 170 and beyond

Thinking LSAT Podcast listeners might recall Episode 122, "Stop Statsturbating," wherein we discussed the case of Luke, who had dropped over a grand on a Kaplan course with zero improvement. As it turns out, Luke signed up on December 12, 2017 for my online class and so far it's working out awfully well:

Hi Nathan, I'm sure you're getting tons of these emails, but I got by my Feb 2018 score back. 

Diagnostic: 163
Post-Kaplan: 163
Feb 2018, post-3 months of FOXLSAT: 170

Million dollar LSAT prep

Some things just need to speak for themselves:

Hey Nathan!

I wanted to write you a quick update on how my admissions cycle ended up and get your feedback on my current options.

I applied to 19 schools (b/c they were free, so why not...) and received a total of $1,070,628.00 in scholarship offers from 10 schools. I'm pretty sure I got those offers based on my 174 LSAT score so thanks "a million" for the help and guidance - I really doubt I could have been as successful with you!