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studying-2-1475294Have you ever wondered if private tutoring can help you with the LSAT? Samantha is a former Peace Corps worker who is now one of my LSAT students. She wrote about her experience working with me for individual tutoring on her blog, LSATisfy. Here are a few things she said: This afternoon I met with Nathan Fox for private tutoring in San Francisco. I had been a bit nervous, after all, I'm a fan and have listened to all of the Thinking LSAT podcasts. But he was incredibly friendly and casual, and it was the first time in the last 3 months of LSAT-studying-to-the-max, that I had fun with it.

Of course he didn't give me a magic button that I press and BOOM! 180! Which is of course what every person studying for the LSAT would love to have, but he definitely called me out on some of my big flaws that I know I'm guilty of (reading too quickly without enough attention to detail), he simplified a lot of the test for me. Didn't focus so much on strategies but took it back to being more natural, evaluating the arguments with attitude. Goodness knows I have no problem doing that in daily life.

More than anything I feel like I have a game plan, I have a better idea of what productive studying looks like, doing 35 minute timed sections, and not getting burned out. One thing that I really appreciated that he said was it is important not only to practice the logic but to also practice the attitude, so to study when I'm relaxed and want to do it, and not to make it a chore.

Thanks for the nice words, Samantha!

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