Conquering the LSAT's Logic Games, One Life at a Time

Think you suck at the LSAT's logic games? I agree! I'm sure you do suck. But if it makes you feel any better, you also suck at tons of other things. I can hear you now:  "Nathan, you suck at blogging. Nice job insulting your reader, ass."

Before you hate me forever, here's my point: We all suck at tons of things. But with time, we can get shockingly good at stuff we were initially terrible at. Take Super Mario Brothers as an example. If you're like me, you spent most of the 1990s dying. Over and over and over. You ran directly into Goombas, you got roasted by fireballs, you fell off of cliffs. Many of you got frustrated and quit. But if you kept going, you got a bit further with each life. And eventually, you beat the game. Some crazy people, not satisfied with finding the princess at the end of World 8-4, started beating the game over and over, going for world speed records. (Check out the video at the bottom of this post if you're a nerd.)

Point is, with enough practice, I promise that you can find the princess (prince, whatever) at the end of the LSAT's logic games. Today, over at Ann Levine's awesome Law School Expert blog, I run through a quick series of tips that absolutely anybody can use to beat the LSAT's Logic Games. It'll take work, but at least there's no fireball-spewing dragon.