When is delaying your application to law school a good idea?

Today I received an email from one of my higher-scoring students in my San Francisco class and she has a very valid question on delaying her application to law school. [If you want to start seriously prepping for the LSAT, we still have some spaces available in the upcoming LA class which you find here.]

Back to my student. She has just received a job offer from a company in her industry that she'd love to work for, but taking the job means less time to study and possibly not being ready to take the November LSAT. So she is wondering if although she is 28 already she should delay taking the LSAT and apply early in the next cycle instead of pushing to apply in this cycle.

Watch the video to hear what I think of that idea.

So, if you're stuck in a similar situation, remember:

1. Start studying for the LSAT way earlier than you think, so you can prepare in good time (I offer support for students both in San Francisco and LA as well as through my online class which you can take from anywhere).

2. Have multiple backup test dates before your application needs to be in so you can get the best score possible and increase your chances to attend a better law school and possibly save 100k or more on tuition fees!

3. Apply early on in the application cycle, instead of in the middle of the current cycle to get the best outcomes.