How does your LSAT score stack up?

My awesome student Mike made this visualization of LSAT scores by percentile, using the past 11 years of scoring scale data. Check it out! Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 9.45.48 AM - Version 2

Some quick highlights from the past three years: 140 = 13.4th percentile 150 = 44.4th percentile 160 = 80.3rd percentile 170=97.4th percentile

I find these percentiles very helpful for perspective. The LSAT scale is constricted, since it only goes from 120 to 180. This means that every single point counts, and should be celebrated! If you can go from 140 to 150, you move past a whopping 31 percent of the field.  If you go from 150 to 160, you blow past another 36 percent of your competitors. I see these improvements all the time... people can, and do, put themselves in an entirely different LSAT stratosphere through hard work and practice.