June 2007 LSAT, Game 2, #10

Final question in Game 2 of the June 2007 LSAT. Here's the basic setup for the game. Question 10 asks "If Limelight is shown exactly three times, Harvest is shown exactly twice, and Greed is shown exactly once, then which one of the following is a complete and accurate list of the films that could be shown on Thursday?" Since the question is giving me new information, I'm going to answer this one just like I did Question 8 and Question 9--I'm going to make a new diagram.

The starting position, you'll remember, is this:

Thursday:                                                            H   |

Friday:                                                             G/L    | (not both G&L)

Saturday:                                                         G/H   | (not both G&H)

Question 10 adds new information about each of L, H, and G. We'll start with L, since that's the one we know most about. The new rule says L has to be shown three times. Since a movie can't be shown twice on a single day, this means that L has to be shown every day of the festival. Therefore, the diagram looks like this:

Thursday:                                                  L       H   |

Friday:                                                                  L    | G

Saturday:                                                 L     G/H   | (not both G&H)

In the above diagram, L has to go before H on Thursday, since H must be last on Thursday. L must go last on Friday, since either G or L must go last on Friday and both G and L can't go on Friday. L must go before G or H on Saturday, since either G or H must go last on Saturday. (All I'm doing here is applying the initial rules.)

The question asks "which one could be a complete and accurate list of the films that could be first on Thursday." Immediately, it's apparent that H cannot go first on Thursday, since L must go before H on Thursday. So any answer with H is eliminated--this gets rid of A, C, and E.  Sweet! The only remaining question is whether or not G can go first on Thursday, since L is mentioned in both remaining answer choices.

So can G go first on Thursday? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it can. For Question 10, G must be shown exactly once. It hasn't been shown yet, so why can't it be shown first on Thursday? If you can't tell me why it can't go there, then it can go there. So our answer is D.