June 2007 LSAT, III, #1

It's been a while since I've done a Logical Reasoning explanation on this blog. Over the past month or so, I've been working on Logic Games, Frequently Asked Questions, and LSAT Fundamentals. If you can believe it, I realized that I actually missed writing about Logical Reasoning. It's fun for me! See if you can have fun with it as well--it certainly can't hurt your score. Section III of the June 2007 LSAT starts off with a novelty. (I've done many thousands of LSAT questions, but I'm not sure I've ever seen one exactly like this before.)

We're given a "situation," then an "analysis" of that situation. The question asks "The analysis provided for the situation above is most appropriate for which one of the following situations." Hmmmm.

I'm going to shoehorn this question into the "Principle" category, because the analysis is kind of like a principle, and the principle should also apply to the answer we pick. The situation was about someone buying a stylish coat rather than a warm coat. The analysis of that situation is "people are sometimes willing to sacrifice sensual comfort or pleasure for the sake of appearances."

I can't exactly predict the answer, but I can definitely predict the type of answer that would be correct if it were listed in the answer choices. Something like "Ken bought a watch made of tungsten because it looks pricey, even though it is extremely heavy and therefore uncomfortable to wear" would be perfect. Or how about "Barbie wears 5-inch stiletto heels because of they make her legs look longer, even though they cause her intense pain"? Either of these would perfectly match the given principle. Let's see if we can find a similar type of answer.

A)  There's no sacrifice of comfort or pleasure if you choose a car over public transportation. (Quite the opposite. Trust me.) We're looking for a sacrifice of comfort or pleasure, so this is out.

B)  This is a sacrifice of utility in order to be more stylish and also more comfortable. We're still looking for a sacrifice of comfort or pleasure

C)  Yeah, this could be it. The douchebaggy couple is choosing to pay more for wine that tastes worse because they think they'll impress their guests. That seems to me like sacrificing comfort or pleasure in order for the sake of appearances.

D)  This person is sacrificing comfort, but not for appearances--she's doing it to save the environment. If this answer had said "in order to make her girlfriend think she is a good person who is saving the environment" then it might be the correct answer. But that's not what it says--as far as we know, she's not taking this action for the sake of appearances.

E)  There's no sacrifice of comfort or pleasure mentioned here. Our answer is C.