June 2007 LSAT, II, #16

Taylor says one thing; Sandra says something else.  Question 16 in Section 2 of the June 2007 LSAT says "The statements above provide the most support for holding that Sandra would disagree with Taylor about which one of the following statements?"  In other words:  What, exactly, are these folks fighting about? Imagine these two just walked into your office, looking to settle their dispute.  They certainly disagree in part, but they might not disagree on everything.  Your job is to help them focus on their actual disagreement.

I think the correct answer here is going to be something about precision in science, because Taylor has clearly said "exactitude could never be established by science" while Sandra has said "many scientific disciplines obtain extremely precise results."  That's a pretty obvious conflict.  Let's see if we can find that in the answer choices.

A)  Taylor says this claim is "suspect" because Taylor doesn't believe science can be this precise.  But Sandra doesn't actually go so far as to take a position on the specific issue of nonverbal communication.  Instead, she goes after Taylor on the scientific precision issue, without ever really returning to the nonverbal communication issue.  It's possible that the next thing out of her mouth could be "I believe that 61 percent of communication is nonverbal."  But it's also possible that the next thing out of her mouth could be "Taylor, you're an idiot about scientific precision but I do agree with your conclusion that 61 percent nonverbal communication is suspect; it can't possibly be more than 20 percent."  Because Sandra hasn't taken a position one way or the other, I don't think this can be their point of disagreement.

B)  Hmm.  I can make a case for this answer, but it also feels like a trap.  I say "trap" because Sandra only says scientific precision is possible in "many scientific disciplines"--and maybe this isn't one of those disciplines.  (She didn't say one way or the other, did she?)  Because I smell a rat here, I'll only come back to B if I don't like any of the remaining answers.

C)  Nah.  Sandra definitely doesn't take a position on this issue.  If she doesn't take a position, then they can't possibly disagree.

D)  Bingo.  Taylor clearly says science can't be precise, and Sandra clearly says science can be precise.  This matches my prediction, and I am certain that the two speakers disagree on this issue.  If these people are in my office trying to settle a dispute, I'll have to ask them more questions to determine what else they disagree on--but I already know they disagree on this one for sure.  So I'm pretty confident that this is the correct answer.

E)  I honestly don't even know what this means.  And I don't care, because neither speaker said anything about "the majority of claims made by scientists."  If they didn't mention it, then there's no way they disagree on it.  I love D, so D is our answer.