June 2013 LSAT, LR1, Q1, the Police Chief wants to booze

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I start almost everything with booze, so this is a fitting question to kick off my June 2013 LSAT explanation experiment... "Crowdsourcing the LSAT." The police chief's argument here is ludicrous: He assumes that cops would need to actually drink booze in order to possibly do their jobs as undercover cops. Now, this might be true in real life, but surely he has to present some evidence on that point if we are to believe him. Wouldn't that be the obvious first question you would ask him? "Excuse me, Chief Wiggum, but are you sure that it's necessary for Lou and Eddie to actually booze it in order to spy on Moe?"

With that, we've answered the question.  The question stem "Which one of the following, if true, most helps to justify the exception to the police department's rule stated above?" is formally a Strengthen question, and a great way to make an argument stronger is to make EXPLICIT something that the argument IMPLIED. I'd be looking for "undercover work at Moe's can't work unless the cops booze it during their undercover mission."

A is out because experience is irrelevant.

B is our answer.

C, about numbers of undercover operations, doesn't have any bearing on whether or not the officers need to drink at Moe's.

D might help a little, but B makes boozing necessary for the operation, whereas D only says "officers believe" that booze wouldn't cause harm. B was way better.

E is out because public awareness has nothing to do with whether booze is necessary either.

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Crowdsourcing the June 2013 LSAT:  June 2013 LSAT Explanation Central | About this project