June 2013 LSAT, LR2, Q21, Skiff's book and Professor Nguyen's vow

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Guest Blogger: Graeme Blake

QUESTION TYPE: Sufficient Assumption

CONCLUSION: Skiff will be promoted if his book is as important and well written as he claims.

REASONING: If Skiff releases his book this year, Nguyen will recommend promoting him, and the dean will listen.

ANALYSIS: Who cares if Skiff's book is important and well written?

He has to release it this year to get Nguyen's recommendation.

On sufficient assumption questions, you must connect the evidence to the conclusion. We get:

Important OR well written âžž published this year

That will let Skiff get Nyugen's recommendation. So, for those who like diagrams:

Important OR well written âžž published this year âžž Recommendation âžž Promotion

Three of the wrong answers add necessary conditions for Skiff to get promoted. Necessary conditions can never help you prove something will happen. They can only prove that something won't happen, when the necessary condition is missing.


A.  CORRECT. See the explanation above. B.  This doesn't tell us Skiff will publish in time to get Nguyen's recommendation. It just adds another useless necessary condition Skiff needs to fulfill before getting promoted. C.  It doesn't matter whether Nguyen thinks the book is well written. We only know Nguyen will recommend Skiff once he publishes. We need to know that Skiff will publish this year. D.  Same as B. This adds an additional necessary condition. That doesn't help us prove that the book will be published this year. E.  Same as B and D. This adds a necessary condition. That makes it harder for Skiff to get promoted.


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Crowdsourcing the June 2013 LSAT:  June 2013 LSAT Explanation Central | About this project