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Guest blogger: Carlos Almendarez

For questions which ask “which most conforms,” I try to see which option best matches the information and logic of the prompt given. I look at each option quickly and eliminate those which clearly do not match the prompt.

When I first saw this question, I resisted the urge to diagram. Instead, I quickly skimmed the answers to see if I could quickly eliminate three or four answers. If I couldn't, I might have been forced to make a diagram. But but since it's early in the section, which usually means easier questions, and since I quickly see 2-3 options which don't match and can be eliminated, my instinct to not diagram is validated.

A: Simkins is a first-time board member... good start. She is not an accountant, which is fine but means she can't be on the finance committee unless she was unanimously chosen. But we never find out whether Simkins was unanimously chosen; instead, we just get "Simkins shouldn't be on the committee." That's not fair, based on the given rules, without knowing whether Simkins was unanimously chosen. This one has a lot of common elements with the prompt though... seems like a pretty attractive trap.

B: I stopped reading when it said Timmons is a third-term board member. The rules were about first-term board members... how can an answer about third-term members possibly comply with the rules? B is not our answer. Our answer will include something about a “first-term board member.”

C: I disqualified option C because we do not know if Ruiz is a first-time board member. It is an unknown. In order to follow the logic in the prompt it would need to be known whether he is a first-timer or not.

D: First-time board member? Check. Not an accountant? He can still be on the finance committee... is he a unanimous pick? Check. This answer conforms to the prompt and is our correct answer. They switched the wording on us a bit since in the prompt it says “supported by all” whereas D says “not be allowed if any board member opposes”... those are pretty close to logical equivalents. This is our answer.

E: I quickly disqualify E, because it doesn't tell us whether Mabry is a first time board member.

The answer is D.

About Carlos: Carlos is a UC Berkeley alum who is a veteran of the June 2013 LSAT and is currently preparing for a second and final round in October. When not working in education he finds himself running the San Francisco Triathlon Club, playing golf and biking distances people think are too far to drive.

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