June 2013 LSAT postmortem

Good news, I'm hearing that the June 2013 LSAT was easy for most. But I'm also hearing that "it is shocking that people who want to be lawyers can't read simple directions," the Logic Games caused at least one student to "completely blank," and UC Hastings is a "terrible" place to take the LSAT.  (San Francisco Law School, on the other hand, is "dingy but chill.") Here's what I'm hearing from students who took the June 2013 LSAT: The overall response is more positive than usual. (Far more positive than October 2012, and even more positive than December 2012.) Like this:

I had LR,LG,LR,LR,RC as my test setup. I felt like the LR sections were pretty similar to the ones in practice. There were 1 or 2 questions I had a little trouble with on each section. 

The first 2 games felt pretty standard. I thought the second game was easier than the first. The 3rd game completely shut me down when I tried it. I went to a second set up and that helped a little. I got to the 4th game right after the proctor called 5 mins. I guessed on most questions.

I felt good overall. The reading comp felt good with the exception of a game asking me to title 2 passages and a question on the last passage. I would have liked to feel a but more confident on game 3 but other then that it felt fair. 

Bad: the check in process at Hastings was terrible. The list was on the 3rd floor and they didn't want anybody inside until around 30 mins before the test. 

The first time I took the test 1 person left and cancelled their score. This time there had to be about 4. One guy cancelled right before the writing section. Looking forward to seeing my score. 

Ah yes, UC Hastings, my alma mater. What a crappy place to wait outside. I can almost smell McAllister Street at high noon now... Actually, I'm very glad I can't.

Other students did similarly well:

The test went wellish, the same as the practice tests have been going. I took it at SF law school, which was kinda dingy but CHILL, so it was awesome. No one was hemmorraging about the rules or losing it. (Well, the test takers all seemed to be freaking out, but the proctors were realxed and cool about it.) I feel that I could retake it to easily gain some points that I stupidly lost, such as runing out of time to finish like 3 or 4 reading comprehension questions.

If I do take it again, I will definitely take it at the same place because it was relaxed and they were nice.

I love when a student notices that other test-takers are freaking out. This almost always means that you, yourself, aren't freaking and are probably doing quite well. (If you can't identify the sucker at the poker table, the sucker is you.) Quick note about SF Law School as an LSAT venue:  Just because the proctors were cool one time may or may not mean they'll always be cool. Still, if I were taking the October 2013 LSAT, I'd definitely choose SF Law over UC Hastings on the basis of these anecdotes... and my own olfactory memory of Hastings.

Here's one of the ones who freaked:

Yea I feel I did fine but I completely blanked on the logic games.. I think because I was dreading them the most.. I'm thinking of canceling my score :/  Three out of the four games I was mainly guessing but still able to narrow down to 2 or 4 out of the 5 choices.

I almost always try to talk students out of canceling, but this is not that time.  You shouldn't be "narrowing it down" on the Logic Games... you should be answering Logic Games questions with 100 percent certainty. Since reports seem to indicate that the games on this test were easy, relative to recent tests, this sounds like a huge missed opportunity. Here's what I told the student:

If you start today, you could do EVERY logic game between now and the October test.  There are 68 practice tests and there are roughly 90 days between now and the October exam.  If you did less than one section per day, starting now, you'd make an amazing improvement.  The key is to do a tiny bit every single day.

Encouragement! (Video PG-13 but NSFW.)

Then, there's this:

I couldn't believe how many people didn't read the instructions on what you could bring to the test. It is shocking that people who want to be lawyers can't read simple directions. The best one was a person who brought what looked like a gallon of water to the test and was shocked when they told her the cap was 20 ounces and it had to fit in the ziploc bag. 

Sad but true... some students don't read the test center restrictions, and therefore create unnecessary hassles for themselves during the most important test of their lives. I holler at my students quite a bit about this, and hopefully they get to feel superior on test day by being prepared while others clearly aren't.

One last thing. Sounds like the second game was either the easiest game on the test or the hardest, depending on whether you made a key inferences. Here's somebody that struggled with it:

One game was really hard for me:  Four schools get juice and snack deliveries from the same truck. The conditions are f before h...[details redacted due to LSAC rules]... the same person who goes first in juice had to go 4th I'm snack...or something like that. I just struggled with that game but the other three were straightforward.

Interesting. I'll have the June 2013 LSAT in hand as soon as scores are out, and I'll take a look at this game and report back.

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