June 2013 LSAT, Reading Comprehension, Q12

Crowdsourcing the June 2013 LSAT:  June 2013 LSAT Explanation Central | About this project In order to pick something "analogous," we definitely needed to have a good understanding of the passage. Always remember the main point! "Hipsters are cool because they've revived old-school photographic techniques" was basically it. We need to find an answer that shows somebody doing something similar. Riding fixed-gear bikes or drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon would be perfect.

If you struggled at all with questions 8-14, odds are that you didn't quite catch the main point of the passage. Here's my summary, if you need a refresher.

A. Maybe, but I doubt it. Remember, one of the perceived advantages of old-school photographic techniques is that they're unpredictable and prone to error. I doubt that's what a biomedical researcher would be looking for. There's no "we're just doing this to be cool" factor in this answer... I don't think this can be it.

B. Investigating old stuff for inspiration isn't the same thing as using old techniques in the modern world. No way.

C. Nothing here about intentional unreliability... nothing here about coolness. Still looking.

D. Boom. A hipster fashion designer uses backwards technology to introduce irregularities on purpose. This is an excellent answer.

E. No way... this artist is using modern techniques to reproduce old figures. In order for this to be the answer, the artist would have to be doing the opposite, perhaps making a cave painting that depicts a computer.

Our answer is D. I found this to be a much easier question than number 11. All we really had to do here was understand the passage's main point.

Please ask questions and/or suggest corrections to anything that seems confusing... we want to make this the best resource we can for LSAT students. We'll have all the June 2013 explanations up as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading. Tell your friends!


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Crowdsourcing the June 2013 LSAT:  June 2013 LSAT Explanation Central | About this project