June 2013 LSAT, Reading Comprehension, Q15

Crowdsourcing the June 2013 LSAT:  June 2013 LSAT Explanation Central | About this project I enjoy this type of question. What titles would be good for the two passages? Obviously you have to have understood the main point of each passage in order to have any chance on this one. If you struggled with it, odds are that you didn't quite catch it the main point of the two arguments. Here's my summary, if you need a refresher.

Before I look at the answer choices, I'll revisit my understanding of the two passages. At the end of my summary, I said, "Passage A was more about the general problem of overbroad patents, using software as an example of the problem. Passage B was specifically about software, written by someone who works in the trenches of software patent litigation." I need to pick an answer that gets as close to possible to that summary.

A. I don't like either of these titles. Passage A wasn't so general as "the use and abuse of patents"... more like "one particular abuse of patents." Passage B didn't go so far as to say patents should be "eliminated." More like "software patents cause trouble, but they exist, and here's one thing that can be done about it." I'm hoping for something better.

B. I don't like this one either. Passage A was nowhere near as broad as "reforming patent laws." And Passage B is in opposition of software patents. Terrible answer.

C. Maybe. Passage A did talk about the "nonobviousness" requirement of patents, and expressed dismay at the current trend toward allowing broader (more "obvious") patents. Passage B did mention accumulating patent portfolios as a defensive measure. I like this one.

D. No. Passage A wasn't about a "misunderstanding," and Passage B wasn't about "safety." Terrible answer.

E. Wow, Passage B wasn't even close to an "apology." This might be the worst answer I have ever seen. Seriously... I don't think it's possible to actually read both passages and still choose this answer.

Our answer is C, because A, B, D, and E were all terrible. C doesn't provide amazing titles for the two pieces, but it's a hell of a lot better than the alternatives.

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Crowdsourcing the June 2013 LSAT:  June 2013 LSAT Explanation Central | About this project