June 2013 LSAT, Reading Comprehension, Q18

Crowdsourcing the June 2013 LSAT:  June 2013 LSAT Explanation Central | About this project I'm going to rely on my summary of the two passages again here. Before I ever looked at the questions, I said "Passage A was more about the general problem of overbroad patents, using software as an example of the problem. Passage B was specifically about software, written by someone who works in the trenches of software patent litigation." Let's see if we can find an answer that embodies that.

A. No, I wouldn't call Passage A "objective." The author of Passage A definitely took a position, right off the bat, with the judging word "unfortunately." That's enough to make this answer wrong.

B. I can totally see this as the answer. Look again at my summary, above. That's a pretty good match for what this answer says. I like it.

C. No, Passage A isn't "critical" of the strategy of a company defending itself with a patent portfolio. This is out.

D. "Impasse"? What "impasse"? Passage A definitely mentioned a problem, but I don't think it was described as some sort of stalemate. And Passage B, while espousing the defensive strategy of a patent portfolio, wasn't talking about a "way out" of the problem... playing defense isn't the same thing as ending the war. No way.

E. Nope. Both Passage A and B were on the same side of the debate... the anti-patent side.

Our answer is B, because it's a fair description of the two passages. It matches our prediction quite nicely as well... I found this one pretty easy.


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Crowdsourcing the June 2013 LSAT:  June 2013 LSAT Explanation Central | About this project