June-July 2015 LSAT Class Results

Here are the results from my four-week class that wrapped up earlier this month, with 19 students submitting results for both test #1 and test #3. 

Test #1 Class Averages: June 30, 2015 (December 2012 official LSAT) Logic Games: 10.5 correct Logical Reasoning: 26.5 correct Reading Comprehension: 14.3 correct Total Raw Score: 51.3 correct Scaled LSAT Score: 146.5 Scaled LSAT Range: 132-163

Just 19 days later, the class had their final diagnostic:

Test #3 Class Averages: July 19, 2015 (December 2014 official LSAT) Logic Games: 13.6 correct (+3.1) Logical Reasoning: 32.7 correct (+6.2) Reading Comprehension: 16.4 correct (+2.1) Total Raw Score: 62.7 correct (+11.4) Scaled LSAT Score: 153.6 (+7.1) Scaled LSAT Range: 141-163

In 19 days, I'm ecstatic about this result. Seven LSAT points is an incredible improvement in less than three weeks, and it's even more impressive when you look at the percentiles. The class average moved from the 33d percentile into the 60th; that's the difference between not getting in and getting big bucks in scholarships. I couldn't be happier.

I'm particularly proud of the following students:

Biggest Improvement, Scaled LSAT Score: Chelsey, from 134 to 155 (+21)

Biggest Improvement, Logic Games: Joey, from 4 correct to 13 correct(+9)

Biggest Improvement, Logical Reasoning: Chelsey and Ricky, from 18 and 9 correct, respectively, to 34 and 25 correct, respectively (+16)

Biggest Improvement, Reading Comprehension: Chelsey, from 6 correct to 17 correct (+11)

I love what I do, and I'm super-grateful for all my students. Through hard work and a lot of good questions, they make my job easy.