Are fear and procrastination holding you back

I just got off a Skype session with a private tutoring student. She's a smart girl, scored 164 on the cold diagnostic assessment. Her Logical Reasoning is good, Reading Comprehension too - but she's terrible at the games.

She didn't do well on the September LSAT, took a break from studying and got a little depressed about it all. Since then she has made hardly any progress on the games - because she just hasn't been working on it.

I get it. She doesn't like working on the games, because she's not that good at it - and it makes her feel bad.

But, that's not going to help you.

The Games are the scariest section - but also the most learnable one!

Watch the video to get some tips on what I do when I procrastinate and how to break through the fear.

Remember, studying for the LSAT means:

- Better law school.

- Better job.

- Possible scholarships worth 150k.

Make it a priority and work on it every day.

You can change your life and your family's life - but you're not going to get there if you don't do the work.