May-June 2015 LSAT Class Results

Here are the results from my four-week class that wrapped up earlier this month, with 14 students submitting results for both test #1 and test #3. 

Test #1 Class Averages: May 12, 2015 (October 2012 official LSAT) Logic Games: 13.8 correct Logical Reasoning: 32.8 correct Reading Comprehension: 17.1 correct Total Raw Score: 63.7 correct Scaled LSAT Score: 153.8 Scaled LSAT Range: 139-169

Just 18 days later, the class had their final diagnostic:

Test #3 Class Averages: May 30, 2015 (September 2014 official LSAT) Logic Games: 14.6 correct (+0.8) Logical Reasoning: 36.0 correct (+3.2) Reading Comprehension: 17.2 correct (+0.1) Total Raw Score: 67.8 correct (+4.1) Scaled LSAT Score: 156.5 (+2.7) Scaled LSAT Range: 149-174

In 18 days, I'm very happy with this result. Nearly three LSAT points is a lot in less than three weeks, and it's even more impressive when you look at the percentiles. Conservatively, the class average moved from the 60th percentile into the 70th; that's the difference between getting in and getting big bucks in scholarships.

I'm particularly proud of the following students:

Biggest Improvement, Scaled LSAT Score: Farrah, from 139 to 152 (+13)

Biggest Improvement, Logic Games: Linette, from 5 correct to 10 correct(+5)

Biggest Improvement, Logical Reasoning: Farrah, from 18 correct to 37 correct (+19)

Biggest Improvement, Reading Comprehension: Marissa, from 15 correct to 20 correct (+5)

I love what I do, and I'm super-grateful for all my students. Through hard work and a lot of good questions, they make my job easy.