October 2014 LSAT Class Results

Fall is a busy time for me, and I've fallen a bit behind in my results reporting. Here's the data from my class that started in October, with 22 students submitting LSAT results for both test #1 and test #3. Here are the results for that group: Test #1 Class Averages: October 7, 2014 (December 2011 official LSAT) Logic Games: 10.5 correct Logical Reasoning: 26.9 correct Reading Comprehension: 13.1 correct Total Raw Score: 50.4 correct Scaled LSAT Score: 146.0 Scaled LSAT Range: 125-164

Just 18 days later, the class had their final diagnostic:

Test #3 Class Averages:  October 25, 2014 (December 2013 official LSAT) Logic Games: 12.2 correct (+1.7) Logical Reasoning: 31.1 correct (+4.2) Reading Comprehension: 16.5 correct (+3.4) Total Raw Score: 59.8 correct (+9.4) Scaled LSAT Score: 152.5 (+6.5) Scaled LSAT Range: 136-169

I'm very happy with this result. 6.5 LSAT points is very impressive when you look at the percentiles. On average, the class moved past 21 percent of all test-takers in just three weeks. Consider the high scorer in the class, a girl named Sera. Sera started with a 153 and finished with a 169. Imagine what her application looks like to the admissions committee at UC Davis Law. Sera's starting 153 would be well below Davis' 25th percentile (161), and she'd be denied admission, almost certainly. But with her 169, she is now comfortably above Davis' 75th percentile (165). With a 169, not only would Sera get in to UC Davis Law, she'd probably get a full ride. Students should fight for every point they can get on the LSAT.

I'm particularly proud of the following students:

Biggest Improvement, Scaled LSAT Score: Lanisha, from 125 to 145 (+20)

Biggest Improvement, Logic Games: Kathia, from 3 correct to 10 correct (+7)

Biggest Improvement, Logical Reasoning: Lanisha, from 7 correct to 24 correct (+17)

Biggest Improvement, Reading Comprehension: Sohrob, from 9 correct to 21 correct (+12)

I also posted the results from my November-December class.