Oh shit the LSAT is tomorrow, help!

Relax. Test day is the culmination of weeks or months of hard work.  If you're not prepared, there's nothing you can do about it but redouble your efforts for next time.  But if you ARE prepared, like I know many of you are, then today is about rest and tomorrow is about kicking ass.  Here's how you do those things:

Today:  Mental health day.  Step away from the books.  You need to be refreshed and energized tomorrow, which means you need to be DONE studying.  Right now.  Go to the beach, go to the park, go to a movie.  See some friends, maybe have a cocktail in the afternoon.  I didn't say have TEN cocktails, I said have one (or two).  Have a good dinner and get to bed early.  Enjoy yourself, and avoid stress at all costs.

Tomorrow, 90 minutes before the test:  This is the fun part, because you are more prepared than your competition.  Arrive at least 30 minutes early--more if you've never been to the site or if you have to worry about parking or public transportation.  Grab a coffee and a newspaper (might have to pick these up on the way), and find the door of the testing room--but DON'T GO INSIDE.  If you go inside, you'll lose both your coffee and your paper, and you'll sit there for 90 minutes with no entertainment while everyone else registers.  Stake out a spot where you can sit within view of the door.  Enjoy your coffee, enjoy your paper, and enjoy watching your helpless competition as they herd blindly into the testing room.  You're smarter than them, that's why you have coffee and a paper and they don't.

Tomorrow, 5 minutes before the test:  When you're ready, and it looks like the test is about to start, go on inside.  You'll be thumbprinted, they'll check your ID, all the typical stuff.  You'll bubble in your name and your Social Security number... you know the drill.  Take a look around the room and notice how crazed and nervous everyone looks.  Most of them never took a prep class.  Many of them have never even seen an LSAT before today.  They should be nervous.

Tomorrow, for the first 30 seconds of Section 1:  While everyone else frantically tears into their test booklets, leave your materials on your desk and survey the room.  Every section on the LSAT is 35 minutes--that's 2100 seconds.  You don't need them all.  Invest a few seconds in yourself.  Your competition is making the worst mistake you can possibly make on the LSAT, right before your very eyes.  They're rushing!  They're not reading carefully enough on the Logical Reasoning... they're going to the answer choices too soon.  On the logic games, they're not making good enough diagrams, or enough inferences... they're stumbling blindly into the questions, which will chew them up and spit them out.

You're not going to make these mistakes.  Burn 30 seconds at the beginning of the section to remind yourself that LSAT speed comes from accuracy.  When you're ready, calmly proceed into the first question.  Read carefully and critically.  Make the connections.  The questions will be much easier than you think.  Enjoy it, you've earned it.

Tomorrow, at the break:   Notice how everyone is whispering about the test, which they shouldn't be, but confers no real advantage.  Notice how everyone already thinks they've fucked up... they're probably right.  Notice how everyone is trying to figure out what the experimental section was, which is impossible at this point and doesn't matter anyway.  Notice that one girl sobbing, the who misbubbled her answer sheet?  The proctors might let her rebubble it.  If they do, notice how everyone else gets mad.  What do you care?  The girl who broke down crying at the break is NOT going to be ahead of you on the curve.  It's actually good for you that everyone else is getting pissed.  Smile, take a deep breath, and continue kicking ass.

Tomorrow, at the end of the test:  If you think you did well, then you're almost certainly right.  Congratulations!  Now's the time for those ten cocktails.  And if you think you did poorly, DO NOT CANCEL.  Have the ten cocktails, and sleep on your decision.  You have a week to cancel in writing if you need to.

The day after the test:  Let me know how you did!  I don't get nearly enough email from current and former students:  fox.edit@gmail.com.  This is all I do, and I love it... so please drop me a line.  Definitely talk to me if you think you're going to cancel Sometimes an outside party can help you analyze your performance better than you can, and I'm happy to help.

Deep breaths.  You're ready.  Have fun!