Review of the Week: This Student Received a 176 LSAT Score After Working With Nathan Fox

bullseye-1315371Here’s what Andrew K. from Rochester, NY had to say after working with me one-on-one to prepare for the LSAT.  Earlier this month I received my June 2015 LSAT score of 176 and I couldn't be more thrilled. Though hard work and sacrifice underpin the effort as a whole, I credit reaching my dream score of 175+ to my work with Nathan. I worked with him across two Skype consultations and numerous emails in preparation for the June 2015 LSAT. Throughout the process, Nathan was timely, honest, direct, insightful, and considerate. In other words, exactly what you want from someone helping you score your best on the LSAT.

This was going to be my second time taking the LSAT after receiving a 162 in September of 2014. While I was receiving significantly higher practice test scores than the last time I studied for the LSAT, my scores would jump up and down from test to test. Needless to say, as the test day moved closer this was cause for concern. 

Though I felt I had a strong understanding of the test, I thought that I could benefit from an outside perspective and an expert opinion. Nathan was just that. Together we identified types of questions and reasoning issues that I hadn't realized I was weak in and that were holding me back. By focusing on those areas, I was able to find consistency in my practice tests (175+) and better understand and incorporate the few mistakes that were left. Even outside of the consultations, Nathan was accessible by email for any follow-up questions and advice.

In a few words, I strongly recommend Nathan Fox for anyone who has committed to taking the LSAT. He is an invaluable resource and is sincerely happy to share his wisdom and experience. I believe this to be true whether you are at the start of your studies or the end, whether you are taking an LSAT course or are studying on your own. 

As someone who is now moving their stack of LSAT books into the recycling bin, I hope that those reading this review take a moment and give Nathan a call or send him an email. I am glad that I did.

As a side note, for those of you like me who were concerned about the cost I'll be frank. Law school is expensive and a significant determinant of your financial aid can be your LSAT score. I reviewed different options before trying Nathan out and there are other lower-cost options out there. However, given the unique nature of the LSAT (that it is a skill exam and a performance on test day) the quality of the person you work with and the ease you can work with them is essential.

Thanks for the nice words, Andrew! You can read the review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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Image credit: Chris de Kok via freeimages