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Yelp Review of the Week: Fox LSAT Prep Class

color-pencil-1407384-mHere's what Annie B. from Santa Rosa, CA had to say after taking my LSAT prep class I wish I could give 6 stars. I got a 152 on my first LSAT practice test, and ended up getting a 174 on my real LSAT. I don't think there's any magic book or terminology or memorizing secret lists of "types of questions" that will help you succeed on the LSAT.  Just look at the reviews below me; if you want to kick ass on the LSAT, Nathan is your best bet to get it done.

(My review is long, sorry. Nathan is really good at being succinct. He says a lot and includes everything you need to know but uses few words. I'm not good at that.)

My friend took TestMasters and stopped going after 4 weeks because she hated it, whereas I totally didn't mind commuting from Santa Rosa, twice a week, parking In SF,  and being in class for 3 hours, for the full 12-week session. He's funny and you feel like you're actually the driving force of the class instead of just watching someone read a script (like my friend said TestMasters was). 

He broke down the Logic Games' general strategies and pacing (from beginning techniques and moving into more advanced ones), and my score improved from single digits to perfect. When my score would sometimes drop, he looked at my scratch work and found ways to help me be more efficient. He spent time ACTUALLY looking at every person's scratch paper to give them feedback.  

He is super clear with his Logical Reasoning explanations. One time he scared me with how firm he was, but it actually was what I needed to hear to realize that the LSAT does not care what you think, it's about the information that is presented on the page. He's also super funny and swears a lot, and I found myself starting to think like how he talks while I was taking the practice tests.

Also, he helped a couple people in our class form a study group, and helped us work on tests that weren't even a part of his curriculum. This study group also helped me get a fee waiver to almost every law school I applied to (22 out of the 25). That saved me about $2,000, which alone paid for the class. Not to mention it's already the cheapest LSAT class out there.

Nathan also advised on applying to LOTS of law schools, just to get offers to use as leverage. I've gotten into every school so far, and I have a few full-ride offers that I can use to barter with schools where I haven't gotten as much of a scholarship offer.

If you can't come to SF, buy his books and [online classes]. I used those to study after the class ended, and it helped me stay fresh while I waited to take the LSAT.

For the money, for the humor, for the learning, for the savings, for the networking, for the encouragement, for everything, taking Fox LSAT is the BEST decision you can make if you're wanting to apply to law school (imho).

Thanks, Annie, for your nice words! You can read Annie's review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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