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Yelp Review of the Week: Fox LSAT Online Class

smiley-906939-mHere's what Luke R. from Seattle, WA had to say after taking my online class.

Hands down, the best. Period.

After struggling through three months of a Kaplan online prep course, I was discouraged and frustrated and the week before the test, canceled my October 2013 LSAT registration. It wasn't a fun time, but then at that time I was unbelievably lucky to learn about Nathan. I took his online course and it literally changed the course of my life. No exaggeration.

During the Kaplan practice tests, I was scoring in the mid-150s, and hating the test and the lessons, and the gimmicks and the bullshit. Halfway through Nathan's course I was solidly in the 160s . . . and after sitting for the December 2013 LSAT . . . I feel incredible.  I honestly walked out of the test feeling really good about it . . . the logic games . . . they weren't terrible . . . I still had time left over to go back and review two of the harder questions (both substitution of rules questions).  

And the logical reasoning . . . that was the section I'd least enjoyed, but right around a week before the test, it actually became the section that was fun to do. And on test day, I found myself channeling Nathan's mantra, "Wait, what? No, no, no, you can't do that.  Bullshit." The test was actually kind of fun.

About the changing the course of my life . . . we all know that there are huge differences in opportunities with a score in the 160s vs. the 150s. Nathan was necessary for me to be successful on the LSAT. He's a wizard and you're a fool if you use any other LSAT tutor.

I couldn't take the live class, but the 20 online lessons were amazing . . . I could rewind when something didn't click right away, go back and take a lesson again to reinforce a tricky game, and the best thing, I could take the lessons during the times of the day/week when I was able to focus. 

I absolutely recommend Nathan to everyone who's planning to take the LSAT. He's incredible. And he should charge a hell of a lot more for his online class. It'll enable you to earn a scholarship . . . and what's that, many thousands of dollars? Nathan is definitely worth it.

Thanks, Luke, for your nice words and congratulations on your positive LSAT experience! You can read Luke's review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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