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When is delaying your application to law school a good idea?

Today I received an email from one of my higher-scoring students in my San Francisco class and she has a very valid question on delaying her application to law school. She has just received a job offer from a company in her industry that she'd love to work for, but taking the job means less time to study and possibly not being ready to take the November LSAT.

The Law School Expert Has a New Website

Ann LevineMany of you know I'm a big fan of Ann Levine, the Law School Expert. I include her book in my LSAT prep class and she's taken the time to answer my students' law school admission questions. She just launched a new website with lots of great features and a really informative blog. Ann is dedicated to not only helping students get into law school by making the admission experience an easy step-by-step process. If you're applying to law school, I highly encourage you to check out The Law School Expert and see how Ann can help you.

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