Yelp Review of the Week: The Fox LSAT Prep Class

color-arrows-1-1382394-mNot sure if my LSAT test prep class can help you? Check out what Kitty from Roseville, CA had to say after taking the class and her LSAT experience.

Fox LSAT [Test Prep] was the best decision I made in my journey towards law school. I took the class in the Spring of 2012 while I was attending UC Davis with a full load of classes. Every Tuesday and Thursday I drove an hour and a half each way just so that I could take Nathan's class. It was definitely worth the time and I would do it again.

I started out with a 149 on my LSAT and got up to a 165. I have been getting my acceptance letters and currently have a couple of full tuition scholarships in addition to plenty of scholarships offering half tuition, which was my goal because I really don't want to be $200,000 in debt when I graduate law school. 

The great thing about Fox LSAT prep is that it is straight forward. Nathan doesn't waste your time like a lot of other test prep companies; he just teaches you how to be good at the LSAT. After a few weeks of his class the test doesn't seem scary or difficult at all! 

One of the other things about taking Fox LSAT is that Nathan has a lot of great advice! He doesn't give biased information like a lot of law school experts who are just trying to sway you in the direction of a certain school. He knows about what is important in choosing a law school, how to get the most money out of them, and what being in law school is actually like. He really wants to help you make the best decision for your future because he genuinely cares about his students!


Thanks, Kitty, for your nice words and congratulations on a great score! You can read Kitty's review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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