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Yelp Review of the Week: Kaley's Score Went Way Up After Private LSAT Tutoring

danger-school-traffic-signal-1444922Here’s what Kaley H. from New York, NY had to say after she used my Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia book and signed up for private LSAT tutoring with me. I did a tutoring session with Nathan over Skype and used his Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia in preparation for retaking the LSAT.

My practice test scores went up with Nathan's help, but what I appreciated most was his approach to teaching. He doesn't sugarcoat anything, genuinely cares about his students, is a great voice of sanity, makes studying fun, and knows the test extremely well, but can still talk about it like an actual human. When you're taking a test as important as the LSAT, you really want the person teaching you to be like Nathan Fox.

I was at a decent starting point when I contacted him, but was struggling with an important concept in LR. He went over my June 2015 test with me in detail, told me what to focus on, and went out of his way to help me find a study buddy where I live (I'm on the East Coast) so that I could have all the support I needed to prepare to retake. Nathan picks up on your weak areas and can advise you on what to focus on to improve, which is one of the best reasons to hire a tutor if you're retaking the test. He was extremely helpful!

If you're worried about working with someone who isn't in the same time zone, don't. Nathan is incredibly responsive over email and will always take time to respond thoroughly when you have questions. If you want to get a sense of his teaching style before signing up for tutoring, I highly recommend checking out his Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia (it was the most helpful book I used) or his other books or listen to his podcast he does with another teacher. His writing and speaking are peppered with profanity and snark, but it's somehow always appropriate for the situation and hilarious. My friends started listening to the podcast and using his books as well and we've all become fans.

I highly, highly recommend Nathan's tutoring and materials to anyone studying the LSAT.

Thanks for the nice words, Kaley! You can read the review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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