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studying-2-1475294Have you ever wondered if private tutoring can help you with the LSAT? Samantha is a former Peace Corps worker who is now one of my LSAT students. She wrote about her experience working with me for individual tutoring on her blog, LSATisfy. Here are a few things she said: This afternoon I met with Nathan Fox for private tutoring in San Francisco. I had been a bit nervous, after all, I'm a fan and have listened to all of the Thinking LSAT podcasts. But he was incredibly friendly and casual, and it was the first time in the last 3 months of LSAT-studying-to-the-max, that I had fun with it.

Of course he didn't give me a magic button that I press and BOOM! 180! Which is of course what every person studying for the LSAT would love to have, but he definitely called me out on some of my big flaws that I know I'm guilty of (reading too quickly without enough attention to detail), he simplified a lot of the test for me. Didn't focus so much on strategies but took it back to being more natural, evaluating the arguments with attitude. Goodness knows I have no problem doing that in daily life.

More than anything I feel like I have a game plan, I have a better idea of what productive studying looks like, doing 35 minute timed sections, and not getting burned out. One thing that I really appreciated that he said was it is important not only to practice the logic but to also practice the attitude, so to study when I'm relaxed and want to do it, and not to make it a chore.

Thanks for the nice words, Samantha!

Read the rest of Samantha's post on her LSATisfy blog.

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What This Capitol Hill Staffer Had to Say About Fox LSAT Books

us-capitol-building-4-431645-mI recently received an email from a Capitol Hill staffer who read my the Fox LSAT books while preparing for the LSAT. Here's what she had to say. Writing "fan mail" for an LSAT book is hands down one of the more weird things I've ever done. But after literally laughing out loud in the middle of a coffee shop while reading one of your explanations, I decided I had to send you a note.

I'm a Capitol Hill staffer and I'm currently taking Ben Olson's class to prep for the February LSAT (or maybe the June one ... Depends on how many happy hours I'm willing to trade for time with your book this month!).

Once I take the test (and hopefully crush it!), I'll write this book the awesome Amazon review it deserves. And maybe I'll take you up on the offer to try talking people out of law school! In the mean time, I just wanted to say a quick thank you -- this book is really great.


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Yelp Review of the Week: The Fox LSAT Prep Class

color-arrows-1-1382394-mNot sure if my LSAT test prep class can help you? Check out what Kitty from Roseville, CA had to say after taking the class and her LSAT experience.

Fox LSAT [Test Prep] was the best decision I made in my journey towards law school. I took the class in the Spring of 2012 while I was attending UC Davis with a full load of classes. Every Tuesday and Thursday I drove an hour and a half each way just so that I could take Nathan's class. It was definitely worth the time and I would do it again.

I started out with a 149 on my LSAT and got up to a 165. I have been getting my acceptance letters and currently have a couple of full tuition scholarships in addition to plenty of scholarships offering half tuition, which was my goal because I really don't want to be $200,000 in debt when I graduate law school. 

The great thing about Fox LSAT prep is that it is straight forward. Nathan doesn't waste your time like a lot of other test prep companies; he just teaches you how to be good at the LSAT. After a few weeks of his class the test doesn't seem scary or difficult at all! 

One of the other things about taking Fox LSAT is that Nathan has a lot of great advice! He doesn't give biased information like a lot of law school experts who are just trying to sway you in the direction of a certain school. He knows about what is important in choosing a law school, how to get the most money out of them, and what being in law school is actually like. He really wants to help you make the best decision for your future because he genuinely cares about his students!


Thanks, Kitty, for your nice words and congratulations on a great score! You can read Kitty's review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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Yelp Review of the Week: The Fox LSAT Online Class

laptop-computers-1446068-mNot sure whether to sign up for our online LSAT test prep program? Check out what Claudia from Mountain View, CA had to say after taking the class and the December 2013 LSAT. I took the online version of Nathan's class this fall in preparation for the December 2013 LSAT. After scoring a 166 on my initial diagnostic test, I happily received a 174 on the December sitting!

Nathan's class was extremely helpful to me, and for a great value. I spread the 20 online classes over the course of roughly 3 months. Between the practice tests and review videos, I was probably studying about 10 hours a week. I supplemented his classes with some extra practice tests (I didn't want to finish the program too far in advance in advance of the December test date) but didn't need to use any other resources. 

Nathan has a funny, accessible lecturing style that made the classes extremely enjoyable. Studying for standardized testing can be a big drag, but I actually looked forward to watching each video! His ability to make LSAT prep enjoyable is hugely helpful, as studying for the LSAT can be a mental marathon that requires a lot of self-discipline. 

In the online classes, Nathan outlines clear strategies for how to approach the Logic Games and teaches you how to identify the major logical fallacies in Logical Reasoning. He doesn't employ any of the bullshit tactics that prep companies often tout, but instead tries to help his students build the knowledge and skills to reason through any problem. I always learned a lot from listening to him explain the logic behind each correct answer. I heartily recommend Nathan's class to anyone looking to prepare for the LSAT, no matter what your level. I had a great experience with the online class and also appreciated the advice that Nathan offered about law school and the admission process. Thanks Nathan - 5/5 stars for a painless LSAT prep experience!


Thanks, Claudia, for your nice words and congratulations on a great score! You can read Claudia's review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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