Taking the June 2013 LSAT? Stop scoring yourself!

If you're signed up for the June 2013 LSAT, I have one very important suggestion: Put away your timer and your scoring scale. You shouldn't be taking full tests and calculating your scores this weekend. Why? Because I don't want you to give yourself a panic attack, that's why.

Think about it. Sunday night you take a full length practice test, score it, and discover that you've scored 5 points lower than your last one. At best you're mildly bummed, and at worst you're sobbing and/or breaking things. Either way, not good.

Instead, taper off your scoring. Try to end on a good one. Send yourself the message that you're ready to take this thing. If you scored a personal best on your most recent test, that's a great one to end on... that's a wonderful feeling to carry into Monday's big test.

You can still study if you want, just don't check the answers. The process is what's important, not the results. Consider redoing some easy Logic Games, or stepping through a couple easy Logical Reasoning questions”¦ maybe a couple Must Be True questions would work.  The point is to show yourself how easy the test can be. The more you believe this, the more it will be true. No studying whatsoever on Sunday night. Take the entire day Sunday off if you can bear it.

If you're frantically taking practice tests at this point, you're sending yourself the message that you're not ready to take the test. If you stop scoring yourself, and taper off your practicing overall, you're helping yourself to feel ready.

If you've been practicing over the past weeks and months, I believe that your hard work is going to pay off on Monday. And if you haven't been practicing, it's unlikely that cramming will help. What's important at this point is confidence. Put the books away (mostly or entirely) and focus on getting healthy, happy, and rested for test day. I can't wait to hear your results!