Yelp Review of the Week: How This Student Raised His Practice LSAT by 20 Points

forward-1443862-mHere’s what Sam S. from San Francisco, CA had to say after taking my LSAT prep course I cannot praise Nathan enough. 

My initial practice exam score was a 138. Yes, you read that right, a 138. After 2 months of his in class session I was consistently scoring anywhere from a 152-158 on the practice exams. That's a 14-20 point jump from my initial test score.

The one thing Nathan gave me is confidence. He doesn't bore you with super technical terms. There is no fancy definitions you are expected to memorize, or some secret formula. Instead, he gets straight to the point: "This is wrong because where in the f*** argument was X ever mentioned." 

Yup, he swears, a lot. Maybe that's why he captured my f****** short attention span. His personality makes class fun, he is approachable, and makes the LSAT bearable. You are welcome to call, text or email him whenever; he actually replies to my texts faster than my girlfriend (and that isn't an easy task ladies and gentlemen).

His books make complete sense and breaks down every single question and answer choice. I found that I didn't make one mark in any of his books, no sticky notes, highlighter marks, etc. THE BOOK MADE SENSE TO ME. I read it and knew exactly why one of the answer choices were wrong, what the argument was trying to convey, etc. The previous books I've used could've won me a elementary art competition. The books were scribbled from front to back, arrows pointing here to there. But none of these were present in Nathan's book.

When I took the LSAT, his voice was inside my head. As I was scanning the answer choices I was "being a dick" as Nathan would like us to act. I was eliminating incorrect answer choices, I knew exactly why the arguments made no sense, I found the hole in every passage, etc. etc. 

Before Nathan and his class, I had no chance of attending any law school. Now I am a serious contender!

Do yourself a favor and take his class, you will learn how to master the LSAT without the boring and technical garbage all my other prep books taught me.

Thanks, Sam, for your nice words! You can read his review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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