Thou Shalt Be a Dick

Yesterday, I started through my "Intentionally Blasphemous 10 Commandments" of the LSAT. Commandment One was Thou Shalt Not Rush. Commandment Two is a strategy to help you slow down and make sure that you really grasp the content of what you're reading.

The most important thing I can teach you about the verbal sections of the test (LR and RC) is that you should argue with the speaker. On the Logical Reasoning, at least half of the arguments are incomplete, if not outright bogus. As you read, try to call "bullshit" on the speaker. You can't do this too much with your friends and family, or they'll think you're a dick. But on the LSAT, you're allowed to let your dick flag fly. On the Logical Reasoning, ask the speaker: Oh yeah, asshole? What evidence do you have for that position? This super-critical approach will allow you to see the holes in every argument. If you can see the holes, you can answer the questions. On the Reading Comprehension, ask the author: Hey, you're boring the shit out of me. Why are you wasting my time with this? This super-aggressive-approach will allow you to cut through the bullshit and get to the author's main point.

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