Thou Shalt Combine the Rules Together

Commandment Three is the most important thing I can teach you about the LSAT's Logic Games. If you'd just do this one thing, I am certain that your scores on the Games would dramatically improve. Most LSAT books talk about "making inferences," as if it's some sort of mystical secret that you can only learn on top of a mountain from a hairy dude who reeks of goat and patchouli. This shit is not magic! "Inferences" always come from combining the rules together. It's really that simple. Look at Rule 1, and see if you can combine it with Rule 2. Or Rule 3. Or Rule 4. If you don't see any connections there, then try to combine Rule 2 with Rule 3. Etcetera. Example:

Rule 1: X comes before Y Rule 2: Y comes before Z

Mystical, magical inference combining Rule 1 and Rule 2: X must come before Z.

Did that hurt your head? I didn't think so. But most of your competition wouldn't take the time to see it! Most inferences are just like this: baby steps. Combine the rules together, and you'll be way ahead of the Logic Games.

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