Thou Shalt Put a Gun to Thine Own Head

Commandment Four is the second-most valuable thing I can teach you about the Logic Games... the critical importance of answering the questions with 100% certainty. Slow down, dammit. On the Logic Games, you should be a be to say, "The answer is B, and I would be willing to say this with a gun to my head," or with your house on the line, etcetera. The Key to the Logic Games is understanding that there is a single, objectively correct answer to every question. There should be zero guessing involved. On the Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension, sometimes the answer will turn on a fine shade of meaning, and sometimes even an expert will be forced to say, You know, I'm not 100% sure, but D just feels better than E." This never happens on the Logic Games. Answer every question with 100% certainty, even if this means devoting the entire 35 minutes to the first (of four) Logic Games and guessing on the remaining 16 or 17 questions. If you don't slow down and focus on getting them all right, you will never make any improvements. If you do slow down and focus on getting them all right on Game One, with 100 percent certainty, you will soon be on your way to getting them all right on Game Two. Students can make huge leaps on the Logic Games, but only if they focus on accuracy ahead of speed. You should be certain that your chosen answer is correct. If not, you're doing it wrong.

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