Thou Shalt Read All Five Answer Choices

This one's simple, but critically important for LSAT Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. After you've done all the work of arguing with the speaker and predicting an answer based on question type, it's tragic to miss a question because you simply didn't read all five answers. Don't spend forever going through the answer choices, but definitely at least skim all five. Sometimes one of the earlier answer choices will be a very seductive trap, or almost indistinguishable from a later, better answer choice. If you don't read all five answer choices, you're going to get tricked. Go ahead and take the time to read B through E, even if you already love A. Most of the time, your first impulse will be correct. But once in a while, you'll realize that your first choice was actually second best. On the LSAT, there are no points for second best.

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