Upcoming LSAT deadlines

My buddy Larkin Robson has created a countdown calendar for the 2013-2014 admission cycle LSATs. The next one is June 10, with the following deadlines: Regular Registration deadline: May 7, 2013 Late Registration: May 17, 2013 Test Center Change Deadline: May 19, 2013 Final Withdrawal Deadline: June 9, 2013

The next three tests (after June 10)  will be October 5, December 7, and February 8. Any of these tests can theoretically gain you admission to law school in the fall of 2014. But please remember that it's dramatically in your best interest to apply at the beginning of the admissions cycle, to maximize your chances of both admission and scholarships. Schools start giving out seats, and scholarships, in the fall. Furthermore, many students will need more than one crack at the LSAT. To avoid applying late, get started as early as possible.