What This Capitol Hill Staffer Had to Say About Fox LSAT Books

us-capitol-building-4-431645-mI recently received an email from a Capitol Hill staffer who read my the Fox LSAT books while preparing for the LSAT. Here's what she had to say. Writing "fan mail" for an LSAT book is hands down one of the more weird things I've ever done. But after literally laughing out loud in the middle of a coffee shop while reading one of your explanations, I decided I had to send you a note.

I'm a Capitol Hill staffer and I'm currently taking Ben Olson's class to prep for the February LSAT (or maybe the June one ... Depends on how many happy hours I'm willing to trade for time with your book this month!).

Once I take the test (and hopefully crush it!), I'll write this book the awesome Amazon review it deserves. And maybe I'll take you up on the offer to try talking people out of law school! In the mean time, I just wanted to say a quick thank you -- this book is really great.


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Image credit: bshafer via freeimages