Which GPA will law schools look at?

Quick question from one of my readers:

Before I transferred into a 4 year school, my GPA at a community college was 2.5. However, at my 4 year school, my GPA is a 3.6. Which GPA will law schools look at?

The short answer is "neither." When you apply to law school, you will submit transcripts from both your community college and your 4-year school to the LSAC's Credential Assembly Service. The LSAC will then aggregate the two. Keep in mind that even if you have only one transcript, your "LSAC GPA" might not match the GPA on your transcript.  The LSAC makes some adjustments to certain grades in order to account for things like honors classes, pass-fail classes, and differing school policies on how a class that's retaken should affect GPA.

Please don't overthink this. Just go ahead and submit your transcripts to LSAC, and let them do the work of figuring out your official LSAC GPA. There's not a lot you can do about it anyway, so save the brain cells and get back to studying the LSAT... which is a much more powerful factor than GPA in any case.