Winning "The Law School Admission Game"

Two years ago, I wrote a gushing review of Ann Levine's fantastic little book "The Law School Admission Game." A couple days ago I updated that review, because Ann updated her book. It's even better this time around, and I'm not just saying that because I'm quoted in the book. Here's what I said on Amazon:

For two years, I've been giving the 2009 version of The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert to each one of my LSAT students. The law school application process is bewildering for a novice. This book saves my students a ton of time and headache so that they can focus their energy on the all-important LSAT.

Questions answered by this book: --What should I write my personal statement about? How long should it be? Are any topics off-limits? --Who should write my letters of recommendation? How many should I have? --What's a diversity statement, and should I write one? Is it different from the personal statement? --I have bad grades or a bad LSAT score, do I still have a chance to get in to law school? --I have a campus disciplinary matter (or arrest) on my record. What do I do now? --Where should I apply? When should I apply?

Ann really is the expert; she used to make admissions decisions at two law schools. And she delivers her expertise in a friendly, accessible way. This book isn't going to bore you or stress you out. It's just going to give you the information you need, quickly and concisely, so that you can start checking off the boxes and get yourself into law school.

I didn't think the older version was out of date, but I'm thrilled that Ann has updated the book and added 57 more pages of goodness. This version contains new information on the LSAC's online application procedures, a short update about "evaluations" (law schools aren't using them!) and an expanded section on LSAT prep.

Law school is a three-year investment that could leave you with $200,000 in debt. Don't take it lightly! A strong application will get you into better schools, and could lead to full ride scholarship offers. Your competition is already reading this book... you should too.

I have a limited amount of (autographed!) copies available. Drop me a line if you want one!