Yelp Review of the Week: This Student Loved the Cost-Efficiency of the LSAT Prep Class

mason-jar-savings-bank-1311765Here’s what T.W. from San Francisco, CA had to say after he took my LSAT prep class. While prep companies give you a series of structures, templates, and facts to memorize, Nathan presents a much more fluid understanding of the LSAT. Instead of giving you list upon list to understand, Nathan provides 10 primary rules and focuses on a more holistic understanding of LSAT arguments. He does not waste time with baby steps into LSAT understanding, he digs right into it. He provides you the tools you need to pinpoint your weaknesses, address them, and move on.

As someone with little disposable income to provide to the LSAT, I sincerely appreciated the cost-efficiency of Nathan's class. He makes himself available any time, he allows you to connect to the class online if attending in person is too difficult, and he provides all of the materials for the class you will need. I only attended his course for one month and was able to address many of the issues I had never caught in my Blueprint course or studying on my own with books.

Thanks for the nice words, T.W.! You can read the review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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Image credit: Julia Freeman-Woolpert via freeimages