Yelp Review of the Week: The LSAT May Seem Boring, But Nathan Makes Studying Fun

shadow-1-1193727Here’s what Carlos from Los Angeles, CA had to say after he took my LSAT prep class. I was in Nathan's LSAT class and benefited greatly from it.

The material on the LSAT is boring as hell and Nathan does a great job of making the class fun with his humor. Nathan is constantly arguing with the speaker and using profanity (which is hilarious, btw) to keep the class alive. Actually, I think he's just being himself which makes the otherwise dry material very entertaining. Nathan scored a 179 on the LSAT so it seems he can do most of these in his sleep if he wanted to.

In addition to covering the LSAT section he does a 30 minute Q&A before every class (5:30-6pm) where you can ask him anything related to law school. He is always honest about the pros and cons of pursuing a legal career which I appreciated. He also did a great job of bringing in guest speakers to answer questions you may have.

Nathan is always available to his students. You can always email him and he'll get back to you. If you have a question about applying, want to send him your personal statement or got stuck on a question he's your man. I admire how available he makes himself. You can tell he wants to help people succeed on the LSAT and get into the best possible law school they can.

One thing I particularly appreciated is he allowed me to pay on a payment plan. This helped ease some of the financial burden of a $500 a month class. His prices are very reasonable and worth every cent but his flexibility was very much appreciated.

Nathan also offered proctored tests on the weekends so you get to mimic test conditions. I found those valuable.

Unless you're an outstanding test taker my advice would be to take the class for 1-2 months. At that point you start to see the patterns in some of the logic games and get a feel for how to set them up and you may be able to recognize certain types of questions throughout the test.

I 100% unequivocally recommend Fox LSAT. I researched a couple of places before choosing Nathan's class and preferred to support a local business and I can guarantee Nathan is funnier and more effective than any of the big test prep services out there.

Thanks Fox LSAT!

Thanks for the nice words, Carlos! You can read the review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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