Yelp Review of the Week: A Fantastic Approach to the LSAT and Law School

wooden-pencils-and-pencil-sharper-1228821-mHere’s what a student from San Francisco, CA had to say after working with me to prepare for the LSAT. Nathan Fox is a brilliant LSAT teacher! I would give him more than five stars if Yelp allowed it. Nathan's explanations of the Logic Games and Logical Reasoning are illuminating, concise and clear. His conceptual quizzes are challenging and summarize the concepts that one needs to understand prior to taking the LSAT. He is available to help via email, phone and after class. He even offers to look at personal statements and guide students through the application process.

In addition to working my butt off, I attended every single one of his classes and completed every homework assignment. I improved more than 20 points.

Take Nathan's class, work hard, and you will do well on the LSAT.

Thanks for the nice words! You can read his review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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Image credit: iprole via freeimages