Yelp Review of the Week: A Parent's Take on the Fox LSAT Classes

hand-in-hand-1-1164198-mHere’s what Jeff F., a parent from Alamo, CA, had to say about his daughter's experience with the Fox LSAT prep class. I took the LSAT in 1985, but I'll never forget the experience -- or the need to prepare properly for the big test. So when it was time for my daughter to get ready for the LSAT, I did a fairly extensive amount of research and found that the big companies that were the most popular in the "olden days" (in my case, Kaplan) were no longer the best choice.

I found Fox LSAT, and virtually every review was not only favorable, but glowing. My daughter decided to go with Fox, and it was -- without question -- the right choice. From the beginning, Nathan provided great advice, starting with the program that was right for her (and it wasn't even close to the most expensive he had to offer; just the best suited to her needs).

And the good advice and guidance continued after she got started with the course. Nathan's teaching technique made the course interesting as well as effective and he kept apprised of her progress throughout.

But the best testament to Nathan's skill as a teacher are the results: My daughter added an astounding 30 POINTS to her score, which won't just increase the odds of admission to the law school of her choice, but will likely affect the chances of her receiving scholarships to defray the cost.

The bottom line is that Nathan delivered on everything he promised, and then some. My daughter and I could not be happier with Nathan and Fox LSAT. I would recommend him to others without reservation. In fact, I already have.

Thanks, Jeff, for your nice words! You can read his review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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Image credit: Skadie via freeimages