Yelp Review of the Week: How the LSAT Prep Course Helped This Student

the-golden-gate-bridge-1398161-mHere’s what Emelina T. from San Francisco, CA had to say after taking my LSAT prep course You can expect to see improved test results by taking Fox LSAT with Nathan Fox!! Fox LSAT is I think the most affordable and effective LSAT class yet. Truly a great course with a passionate instructor and it's for a great price! Cheaper than the big name companies who are also not as effective in ensuring their students are fully prepared when coming against the LSAT. Plus all materials are included!

You don't have to bring a thing! Nathan Fox provides all books, practice scantrons (to simulate actual test taking protocols) and pencils. He's a 1-man show, so he does all the customer service, and even that is great because he's prompt in returning any messages, e-mails, calls and answering any questions about the class. He's also courteous and highly flexible in arranging payments.

It doesn't stop there either ... when it comes to law school in general, Nathan has much experience with this as well so you can ask him questions about law school, applications, whether going to law school is something you should really pursue, reasons for why you want to do law school, what you should really expect and more!

If you're considering taking a prep LSAT course and want to do well on the LSAT - TAKE FOX LSAT!!!!!!

Thanks, Emelina, for your nice words! You can read her review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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