Yelp Review of the Week: Nathan Fox and the Online LSAT Class

nature-1429781-mHere’s what Crystal M. from San Mateo, CA had to say after meeting me and taking the Fox LSAT online class.

When I was first interested in law school, I literally had no idea where to even start. I was part of my school's Pre-Law Club and they sent out an email with a flyer attachment, inviting anybody interested in law school to Nathan's free LSAT Session at Santa Clara Law. My older brother conveniently lives a block away so I decided to go. His session was extremely helpful! After the session, I signed up for his online classes, and was able to make payments, rather than paying the full amount at once. I was also able to choose the amount I wanted to pay each month, awesome!!! (I decided $80 a month, so I paid it off in about 6 months).

I loved his online classes! I could rewind when I didn't understand something, or watch it over and over. It also helps that he is super funny! My weakness was logic games, and he was able to simplify them for me. I started off with 10 points, and by the end I was only missing about 3 questions!

Also, one of my favorite things about Nathan is his openness to answer any questions you have about not only the LSAT, but about applying to law school.

Lastly, Nathan is truly invested in his students, which is not something you can say about other LSAT teachers. He really wants each of his students to reach their full potential.

I highly recommend Fox LSAT! (and his many LSAT books).

Thanks, Crystal, for your nice words! You can read her review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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Image credit: 4seasons via freeimages